About Us

About Entech Pacific Pte Ltd

Entech Pacific Pte Ltd is a premier provider of security and surveillance solutions to consumers and commercial enterprises (“End Users”) of all sizes through distributors, dealers and integrators (“Partners”). We are committed to enhancing people’s way of lifetime by increasing their sense of surety. We hope to give empowerment to people to pursue their daily lives with confidence through easy-to-use and innovative security systems and components.

Two Decades of Excellence

Our core management team started out in the early 1990s with a local distribution company servicing Partners in the security and surveillance industry. This small company was acquired several times by major industry household names until the product distribution unit was released by its then Business Unit, Siemens BT in 2009. Although the unit was no longer backed up by a big organisation, our founding team continues to serve our partnership base with the same dedication and highest commitment to fit and surpass their expectations. 

Despite the many corporate changes we have been through, we are proud to be able to present our Partners with high quality and reputable security and surveillance systems and components from the industry’s leading manufacturers. 

Building ASEAN Presence

Entech Pacific Pte Ltd is headquartered in Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore. 

Here at home, we have succeeded in meeting the ever changing security needs of the End Users and business needs of our Partners while coping to the continually evolving technologies made available in the industry. Subsequent to this success, we aspire to have presence in key ASEAN markets so that we could offer the same quality, value and trust to other people in the region.

Why People Choose Us?

​We offer high-quality, high-performance solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers so that the End Users will feel more empowered and secure in leading their daily life.

​Our protection and surveillance solutions are comprehensive – from infant care to aged care, home security to office surveillance, we are here to provide our Partners with the best technology can offer so that they can serve the End Users better..

​We offer our Partners world-class customer service; we provide unmatched technical expertise and support to assist them in any way we can.

To help our Partners grow, we have carefully curated information about our products to help them stay updated on the latest technology so they will be able to take advantage of new opportunities available in the market.